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Shipping Policy

Please review our COVID-19 Updates Page BEFORE you place an order as shipping delays are taking several weeks due to the current global pandemic situation. 

    • Every product on our store is custom-built only after the order is received - thereby making that product quite unique. We do not have inventory lying around and these products take time to build to our satisfaction. Whitefields & Harper works with multiple vendors to fulfill orders. As a result there are differences in shipping times that depends on vendor, printing and quality control processes. 
    • Automated processes and shipping times. Once the payment is received in the system, it triggers the fulfillment process automatically in most cases. These processes are automated and typically have notifications (including tracking numbers for shipped items) that are sent out to customers if they have provided a phone number or email id. The only time these are not automated is when we get CUSTOM orders - these are handled manually and have different timeframes.
    • We do not control our vendors' systems but control only our expectations from them. While we continuously look for ways to optimize our own processes and remove inefficiencies from our systems, we do not controls our vendors' systems. Consequently, we have put up approximate shipping timeframes on our product pages in an attempt to  set realistic expectations on when our products will ship from the time the order was placed.
    • NOTE: Whitefields & Harper CANNOT guarantee exact shipping times at this time. The approximate shipping times listed on each product page are just that - an approximation or estimation and it is possible that there may be delays. KINDLY ALLOW FOR THESE DELAYS WHEN PURCHASING PRODUCTS FOR SPECIFIC OCCASIONS. In evaluating our fulfillment times, we have found that sometimes delays of 5-10 business days are also possible in addition to the timeframes listed on each product page. While we are working to reduce these times, we do not at this time guarantee reduced times and we thank you for your understanding and patience. 
    • We do not have expedited shipping at this time. In cases where expedited shipping is available in future, there would be a sign/note on the product page that indicates as such.
    • Shipping Guarantee. One thing is for sure: If an order is paid for, we will do everything needed to ensure that the order is fulfilled every single time. If for any reason, an item in an order CANNOT be fulfilled (vendor has discontinued items, or other such issues), we will issue a FULL refund for that specific item only - all other items will still be shipped.
    • The purpose of this page is to set the correct expectations and provide transparency around shipping time frames. 

    Thank you for shopping with us!